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about ozonerides

A novel way to reduce carbon footprint, traffic congestion and overcome parking woes by sharing ride with others in your organization. Getting a ride is as simple as opening the app and selecting your destination. Vehicles coming through your location will get notified and you will be picked up by the first available vehicle reaching your location. You can make payments using virtual cash. Its safe as the participants belong to an organization and are verified using their official emails.

What You Get

As a rider, a stress free and economical ride to your home or work place. As a driver, you have the satisfaction of doing a great service and an opportunity to share part of your running cost.
Start a Ride
Pick your destination, select your route and you are good to go.
Destination Details
Choose from your predefined destinations or enter a new one.
Enter Vehicle
Alert notification as you approach a rider with their location and details. When the rider boards your vehicle, a notification will be send with the amount credited to your account.
Travel a Ride
Select your destination and wait for rides through your location. System shows nearby vehicles and your seleced one along with its driver and vehicle details.
Get Picked Up
Watch your vehicle approaching your location in real time. When the vehicle is near you, receive an alert to board along with vehicle and driver details.
Share Payments
System automatically calculates the fare for your trip and prompts you to make the payment. With one click, transfer virtual cash to the driver's account.

How it works

Driver's select their destination and pick a route. System matches riders along the path and send requests to accept their ride. Both driver and rider can see their position in realtime and get notified when close enough to board.

why our app

Everything happens in real time. Rides are safe as the parties are part of an organization. One touch payments make the whole process seamless.

Exception handling

In case you miss a ride, don't worry. You will be connected with the next driver. You can also cancel requests any time and the system sends appropriate notifications.

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Payment Mobile Virtual Payment
Caption Man Safe Economical Hassle Free
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